Get earned every day

Do you want to earn profit every day? You are looking at the right spot. Earn 15% -- 22% on every calendar day.


Investment term Daily for 5 days
Minimum ฿0.00010000
Maximum ฿0.50000000


Investment term Daily for 10 days
Minimum ฿0.50000000
Maximum ฿50.00000000


Investment term Daily for 15 days
Minimum ฿3.00000000
Maximum ฿100.00000000

Earn more after a fixed-period

Investment plans in this section allow you to have higher return on your investment by locking your capital for certain days.


Investment term After 5 days
Minimum ฿0.01000000
Maximum ฿1.00000000


Investment term After 10 days
Minimum ฿1.00000000
Maximum ฿50.00000000


Investment term After 15 days
Minimum ฿3.00000000
Maximum ฿100.00000000

Building your team and start earning

We offer for your consideration our referral program. This is a unique opportunity of substantial earnings online with no interruption from your main activities. You can earn staying at home, even if you do not have any deposits in our project, just by registering and beginning to invite clients to us, using your referral link.

What does it mean?

You receive referral commissions not only from the clients directly invited by you (1st level), but also from their referrals (2nd level); besides, you receive commissions from the referrals, who were invited by the referrals, invited by you directly (3rd level).

1. Create Account

2. Get Your Referral Link

3. Share Your Referral Link

4. Start Earning

5%from each deposit of the referral of the 1st level
1%from each referral of the 2nd level
0.5%from each referral of the 3rd level